June 14, 2012

Trusted Referral Partners

Trusted Referral Partners

I love being a resource to connect my clients with the services they need beyond the scope of photography.  And I am extremely picky when it comes to making those connections.  The businesses on this page are my preferred partners to whom I refer in a heartbeat when someone is in need of their particular expertise. These are all folks I personally know, like AND trust.  And I think you will too.

Branding / Custom Website Development: S & G Studios

Gunilla and Sam De Santo are the braintrust behind S&G Studios.  Their goal (much like my own) is to help their clients stand out from the competition and attract their ideal client.  It’s all about understanding their clients and helping them to tell their story.  Check out their portfolio and case studies at: https://www.sandgstudios.com

Social Media Marketing: Somnu Medias

These days, it’s not enough to simply have a website.  You have to be engaged with your audience.  Pete Markel and his team at Somnu Medias are experts in that area – helping their clients grow their visibility, credibility, and profitability through social media strategy and process.  Check ’em out at https://www.somnuinc.com

Video Production: Story Bridge Creative

A much smarter person than I once said, “It’s not the product you sell. It’s the stories you tell.”  Paul Crawford is a master storyteller with a goal to inspire people through his creativity and ability to elevate brands. Check out his work at: https://storybridgecreative.com

Accounting Services: Amarlo

Your financial story contains key information about the history and future of your company. Jeremy Millar and his team use accounting to unlock and advise on the story of your business leading to game-changing decision-making and faster growth. Jeremy has created a free online course to help you learn to run your business based on more than just intuition and emotion using Financial Storytelling: the easiest way to understand and grow your company. Check them out at https://www.amarlo.co

Business Law / Contracts: Ozgun Tumer – Tumer and Sharif

Thinking of starting a new business?  Thinking of getting out of your business?  Need to be sure you’re properly protected with well-written contracts that are tailored to YOUR business needs?  Look no further than Ozgun Tumer – business attorney.  Ozgun offers a free initial consultation to make sure his services are a good fit for your business.  Reach out to him at https://tumersharif.com

Merchant Services / Credit Card Processing: Tim Thurman – Merchants XL

Have you held off accepting credit cards for your services because of the processing fees?  Do you accept credit cards but are tired of the processing fees?  Tim Thurman can help your company ELIMINATE those pesky fees.  Ask him how at tthurman@merchantsxl.com

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