Overpowering Sunlight – the Quad Bracket

In my never-ending search for more power, I came across an idea for a bracket to support 4 (count ’em, 4!) hotshoe flashes at a time! I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I was inspired by this post. I modified the design somewhat to enable easy attachment to my extensible pole or Read more about Overpowering Sunlight – the Quad Bracket[…]

The Men of the 122nd Fighter Wing – The Blacksnakes

Hi Friends, While visiting family this week for my niece and soon-to-be nephew’s wedding, my nephew, David, arranged for a visit to his workplace: the 122nd Fighter Wing (“The Blacksnakes”) stationed in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The airmen of the 122nd were terrific! Showed us around the shop, took us out to the flight line to do Read more about The Men of the 122nd Fighter Wing – The Blacksnakes[…]

New PocketWizard-Friendly Multi-Flash Bracket

Hi Friends, When working with flash in bright sun, it’s often necessary to gang several flash units together to compensate for the loss of output when operating at sync speeds above normal flash sync (i.e., “high speed sync”). A month or two back, I crafted a simple straight bar (my “Stro-bar”) with three cold shoes Read more about New PocketWizard-Friendly Multi-Flash Bracket[…]

Senior Portrait Session – Lara S.

Hi Friends, Met with Lara and her mom today for a post-graduation portrait shoot.  What a lovely couple! Lara managed to accomplish something with every image that is difficult to find, even with professional models: she smiles with her eyes!  (She said she’d practiced that, but I think it probably comes naturally).  Terrific time! Proofs Read more about Senior Portrait Session – Lara S.[…]

Ana and Brian: Pre-Wedding Portraits on Horseback

Hi Friends, I had the privilege of meeting Ana and Brian at the UC Irvine “Battle for the Ring” medieval combat / tournament event back in January.  (Images from that event here.  Video here). I’ll be photographing their wedding in August: a medieval-themed affair complete with “combat, firebreathing, belly dancing, and more” per Ana and Read more about Ana and Brian: Pre-Wedding Portraits on Horseback[…]

Strobe One…Sun Zip! Portraits in full sunlight with the DIY “Stro-Bar”

Hi Friends, Had the day off today, and took advantage of it to build something I’d been meaning to do for a long time: a multi-flash lightbar (which I’ve taken to calling my “Stro-Bar”-clever, huh?). The purpose is to be able to mount multiple hotshoe flashes (in my case, Nikon SB-800s) to combine output for situations Read more about Strobe One…Sun Zip! Portraits in full sunlight with the DIY “Stro-Bar”[…]

Are You Ready to RUMBLE!?!

Had an idea for a portrait.  Sweaty high school football star, backlit, with the goalpost in the background.  Looked around for a suitable field.  The one close to me didn’t have the kind of goalpost I was looking for.  Eventually found the field, and Henry, a terrific young guy from my church who happens to Read more about Are You Ready to RUMBLE!?![…]