Photos from the 14th Factory Art Installation

  Engaging in Art I recently had the opportunity to “participate in” the 14th Factory art installation: a multi-media art and documentary experience by British artist Simon Birch.  The 14th Factory experience takes place in a repurposed bakery in downtown Los Angeles, and involves a series of video, sculpture, painting and performance exhibits. Photography is encouraged, so I took both the Read more about Photos from the 14th Factory Art Installation[…]

New Project – Steampunk Portraits!

This is Steampunk Think Jules Verne…Victorian England…Wild, Wild West (the 60’s TV show with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin, or the 90’s remake with Will Smith). It’s typically realized as a mixture of relatively conservative vintage fashion with elements of the mechanical.  And I’m hooked on the look!  And, apparently, I’m not the only one. Read more about New Project – Steampunk Portraits![…]