My Favorite Multi Flash Bracket…Great Stocking Stuffer Idea

Hi Friends, I’m a big fan of high-speed sync using my Nikon Speedlights. This is one of the best cold shoe brackets I’ve found for mounting multiple hotshot flash units as is often necessary with high-speed sync. Even accommodates 3 PocketWizard Flex TT5s… It’s available through Adorama at: Flashpoint 3 Shoe Mount Bracket   Great Read more about My Favorite Multi Flash Bracket…Great Stocking Stuffer Idea[…]

Mr. Albert B. Location Portraits

Hi Friends, Had the opportunity today to photograph Mr. B. in his home.  He wanted a nice large formal portrait for later use, and has a lovely home in the hills of Orange County in which to create the portrait. When shooting location or environmental portraits, I travel with pretty much everything. If ever I Read more about Mr. Albert B. Location Portraits[…]

Overpowering Sunlight – the Quad Bracket

In my never-ending search for more power, I came across an idea for a bracket to support 4 (count ’em, 4!) hotshoe flashes at a time! I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I was inspired by this post. I modified the design somewhat to enable easy attachment to my extensible pole or Read more about Overpowering Sunlight – the Quad Bracket[…]

New PocketWizard-Friendly Multi-Flash Bracket

Hi Friends, When working with flash in bright sun, it’s often necessary to gang several flash units together to compensate for the loss of output when operating at sync speeds above normal flash sync (i.e., “high speed sync”). A month or two back, I crafted a simple straight bar (my “Stro-bar”) with three cold shoes Read more about New PocketWizard-Friendly Multi-Flash Bracket[…]

Strobe One…Sun Zip! Portraits in full sunlight with the DIY “Stro-Bar”

Hi Friends, Had the day off today, and took advantage of it to build something I’d been meaning to do for a long time: a multi-flash lightbar (which I’ve taken to calling my “Stro-Bar”-clever, huh?). The purpose is to be able to mount multiple hotshoe flashes (in my case, Nikon SB-800s) to combine output for situations Read more about Strobe One…Sun Zip! Portraits in full sunlight with the DIY “Stro-Bar”[…]

Radiopopper PX Receiver Mod – Version 2

Hi Friends, If you’ve been following my blog the past couple weeks, you know how thrilled I am with my new Radiopopper PX system: combining the best of infrared and radio for remote flash triggering. As I’d noted previously, the new Radiopopper receiver mounting system, while well-designed, doesn’t fit very well in my current system Read more about Radiopopper PX Receiver Mod – Version 2[…]

Of Hair Accessories and Corn Relief – Modifying My Radiopopper Receiver Mount

Hi Friends, Really excited about my new Radiopoppers.  It’s so cool to be able to enjoy all the advantages of the Nikon creative lighting system and radio triggers all in one package! My only issue is the rather bulky rig for mounting the receiver to the flash: It’s fine for many applications.  The mount serves Read more about Of Hair Accessories and Corn Relief – Modifying My Radiopopper Receiver Mount[…]

Nikon CLS and Radio Triggers – The Best of BOTH Worlds -Got my Radiopoppers!

Hi Friends, I’m a huge fan of Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) for controlling off-camera flash via infrared communication between the commander unit or master flash and the remote flashes. My typical method of flash photography is decidedly old-school: manual exposure mode on the camera, remote SB-800 Speedlights set up in “Remote” mode, but power ratio Read more about Nikon CLS and Radio Triggers – The Best of BOTH Worlds -Got my Radiopoppers![…]

Family Portrait Session

The bane of most photographers is that we seldom show up in our own family portraits-for obvious reasons. So, when my folks asked for a new family photo, I took the opportunity to “schedule” a session with my wife and kids.  We trekked over to a local elementary school that has a favorite red wall Read more about Family Portrait Session[…]

“Flash-on-a-Stick” – Putting the Light Where You Want It.

Hi Friends, I’ve been asked by a number of folks for details on my “flash-on-a-stick” arrangement that I frequently use for portrait lighting with hotshoe strobes.  I know other folks use a similar arrangement, but I thought I’d show the details of mine, and you can adjust accordingly. The goal of the rig is to put Read more about “Flash-on-a-Stick” – Putting the Light Where You Want It.[…]