High-Key Studio Setup for Full Length Portraits

Hi Friends, Inspired by a photography blog somewhere, I’ve been working on perfecting my high-key studio set – expanding to be able to do full length / full body portraits. I’ve never really liked the seamless paper rolls — specifically, I’ve never liked having my subjects stand on them.  They get dirty, they tear, and Read more about High-Key Studio Setup for Full Length Portraits[…]

Sweet Lolita! (High Key Portraits)

Saw the new “Alice in Wonderland” this afternoon.  Cat’s only been talking about it since we found out it was in production–she’s into Alice in a big way. So she dressed up in her sweet lolita attire, and off we went. Afterwards, we got to do a few portraits: Lighting was pretty straightforward.  Key light Read more about Sweet Lolita! (High Key Portraits)[…]

Product Photography: High-Key Lighting with Reflections

Hi Friends, Now that my wife’s blog is up and running at www.stampingpro.com (unabashed promotional hint), I find myself looking for a consistent way to shoot the product photos of her creative stamping and paper crafting projects.  Though I’ve used a variety of setups over time, I think I’ve finally settled on a look we Read more about Product Photography: High-Key Lighting with Reflections[…]

Headshots – Masquer Ministries

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I’ve been privileged to be able to photograph the dress rehearsals for Masquer Ministries: a phenomenal drama troupe that calls my church home base.  Well, they’re preparing for their Season’s Prelude fund raiser and needed headshots, so I had a chance Read more about Headshots – Masquer Ministries[…]