47th Annual Packard Salon-Portraits

Hi Friends, I recently attended the 47th Annual Packard Salon event at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, CA as my friend, Booker’s “Plus One.” Booker has done some amazing fine art automotive photography, and has gotten in good with the folks of Packard International, headquartered right here in SoCal. Of course, the cars are Read more about 47th Annual Packard Salon-Portraits[…]

“Flash-on-a-Stick” – Putting the Light Where You Want It.

Hi Friends, I’ve been asked by a number of folks for details on my “flash-on-a-stick” arrangement that I frequently use for portrait lighting with hotshoe strobes.  I know other folks use a similar arrangement, but I thought I’d show the details of mine, and you can adjust accordingly. The goal of the rig is to put Read more about “Flash-on-a-Stick” – Putting the Light Where You Want It.[…]