Overpowering Sunlight – the Quad Bracket

In my never-ending search for more power, I came across an idea for a bracket to support 4 (count ’em, 4!) hotshoe flashes at a time! I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I was inspired by this post. I modified the design somewhat to enable easy attachment to my extensible pole or Read more about Overpowering Sunlight – the Quad Bracket[…]

DIY Striplight Modifiers for Hotshoe Strobes

Inspired by a recent conversation with my photographer friend, Bob Allen, and as a continuation of my never-ending search for the ideal striplight for use with my Nikon hotshoe strobes, enter the latest iteration of Haverstick’s DIY hotshoe flash striplights (pretty catchy title, no?). Apologies to Conner for the unflattering deer-in-the-headlights / hand-in-the-cookie-jar look, but Read more about DIY Striplight Modifiers for Hotshoe Strobes[…]