Senior Portrait Hockey Shoot w/Behind the Scenes Lighting Setup

A few teaser images from a senior portrait shoot this week. Tom’s an avid street hockey player and a rabid Anaheim Ducks fan, so we wanted to capture some of that passion in his portrait session. It’s been a bit rainy here in SoCal this week, so we were fortunate to shoot between storms, and Read more about Senior Portrait Hockey Shoot w/Behind the Scenes Lighting Setup[…]

New Project – Steampunk Portraits!

This is Steampunk Think Jules Verne…Victorian England…Wild, Wild West (the 60’s TV show with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin, or the 90’s remake with Will Smith). It’s typically realized as a mixture of relatively conservative vintage fashion with elements of the mechanical.  And I’m hooked on the look!  And, apparently, I’m not the only one. Read more about New Project – Steampunk Portraits![…]

Spirit Week Portrait: “Splinter Cell” costume…

Hi Friends, This is spirit week at my son’s high school – leading up to homecoming on Thursday night. The theme for this year’s homecoming is “Hush, Hush…” and is apparently spy-oriented.  (Don’t ask me why). My son has read all of the Tom Clancy “Splinter Cell” novels, and determined to dress up as Sam Read more about Spirit Week Portrait: “Splinter Cell” costume…[…]