Sam at Baker Street Train Station

Hi Friends, I was back in Indiana last weekend (where, if I recall, it never got above about 12 degrees F).  Went back to shoot cheerleader portraits at my sister’s gym, but before we got started, we headed over to the Historic Baker Street Train Station where Sam and her fiance, David, are planning to Read more about Sam at Baker Street Train Station[…]

Low Key Edgy Portrait

Hi Friends, My son’s getting in the spirit for an airsoft overnighter next weekend, and while I had the lighting setup, thought we’d do a new portrait. He was going for the “Medal of Honor” video game look… Here’s the setup: Key light: SB-800 in a Bowens beauty dish with diffuser and grid, high and Read more about Low Key Edgy Portrait[…]

Location Football Portrait-Andrew B.

Got a call from some good friends in need of an “emergency portrait” for their son, Andrew — kicker for Corona Del Mar HS varsity football.  I had a couple local football fields in mind for the shoot, but none were available at a time that worked for Andrew.  (Between school, church, and football, finding Read more about Location Football Portrait-Andrew B.[…]

High-Key Studio Setup for Full Length Portraits

Hi Friends, Inspired by a photography blog somewhere, I’ve been working on perfecting my high-key studio set – expanding to be able to do full length / full body portraits. I’ve never really liked the seamless paper rolls — specifically, I’ve never liked having my subjects stand on them.  They get dirty, they tear, and Read more about High-Key Studio Setup for Full Length Portraits[…]

Mini Striplight Softboxes for the Nikon SB-800 Flash

I love this kind of edgy, contrasty lighting.  Great look for guys…  It involves three lights: 1 key light (in this case, a Nikon SB-800 hotshoe flash in a 3′ octabox directly above camera, and relatively high above Conner’s head; and 2 rimlights (also SB-800s) – behind Conner left and right, about head-height to light Read more about Mini Striplight Softboxes for the Nikon SB-800 Flash[…]

Track Portraits of Conner – Hard Lighting

Headed over to our local college track to do a few portraits of Conner in his CCHS track uniform today.  Had in mind to do them with strong backlighting for an edgy look and long cast shadows. Setup involved 3 off camera strobes (Nikon SB-800s).  The key light was in a 3′ octagonal softbox, directly Read more about Track Portraits of Conner – Hard Lighting[…]