Civil War Portraits

I met and photographed Howell at a recent Civil War Days event at the Heritage Museum of Orange County.  Howell plays a circa 1870 Lenhart left-handed tuba, and became interested in Civil War re-enactment via an introduction to a group through Tuba Christmas.  I found him with several members of a military band who were warming up when Read more about Civil War Portraits[…]

Tom Hiddleston Stopped by the Studio… sort of

Hi Friends – Inspired by a recent post by my Photoshop idol, Glyn Dewis, Tom Hiddleston and I spent a little quality time in the studio this week.  And by studio, I mean my dining room table.  And by Tom Hiddleston, I mean the Loki 1/6 scale figure from Hot Toys. But even though it was Read more about Tom Hiddleston Stopped by the Studio… sort of[…]

High-Speed Sync How-To: My First Article for SLR Lounge

Hi Friends, I’m a big fan of off camera flash, and use it extensively in outdoor and harsh lighting situations.  I’ve authored an article on the topic for SLR Lounge.  Check it out at: Let me know what you think…? Thanks for dropping by! J

The Photographer’s Bookshelf – What I’m Reading

Keep on Learning As a photographer and photography/Photoshop instructor, I know from experience that while there’s no substitute for spending quality time with your gear, actually shooting and becoming familiar with it to the point where it is simply an extension of your creative vision. That said, one of the best ways to hone your Read more about The Photographer’s Bookshelf – What I’m Reading[…]

DIY Tip: Modifying the Honl Speed Grids Step-by-Step

I’m a HUGE fan of David Honl’s hotshoe flash modifiers:  I use his Speed Grids, snoots, gobos, and straps all the time.   The Speed Grid is one of my most oft-used modifiers.  It allows me to constrain the light from my speedlights but gives a lovely feathered edge to the circle of light. I Read more about DIY Tip: Modifying the Honl Speed Grids Step-by-Step[…]

My Favorite Multi Flash Bracket…Great Stocking Stuffer Idea

Hi Friends, I’m a big fan of high-speed sync using my Nikon Speedlights. This is one of the best cold shoe brackets I’ve found for mounting multiple hotshot flash units as is often necessary with high-speed sync. Even accommodates 3 PocketWizard Flex TT5s… It’s available through Adorama at: Flashpoint 3 Shoe Mount Bracket   Great Read more about My Favorite Multi Flash Bracket…Great Stocking Stuffer Idea[…]

Five Tips for Better Compositing

Hi Friends, No question about it – compositing is THE hot technique in Photoshop these days.  It’s a great way to create an image that couldn’t exist otherwise – since subject and background are typically in completely different locations. It’s also a terrific technique for wrangling lighting for large groups that would otherwise be difficult Read more about Five Tips for Better Compositing[…]

Finding [Cold] Shoes that Fit…

Hi Friends, You wouldn’t think it would be hard to find a quality flash shoe that works everytime, is secure, and easy to use. Well, as a guy who relies on Speedlights and PockeWizards for his living, let me tell you, it’s TOUGH! I think I’ve tried them all, and I believe I’ve finally found Read more about Finding [Cold] Shoes that Fit…[…]

Overpowering Sunlight – the Quad Bracket

In my never-ending search for more power, I came across an idea for a bracket to support 4 (count ’em, 4!) hotshoe flashes at a time! I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I was inspired by this post. I modified the design somewhat to enable easy attachment to my extensible pole or Read more about Overpowering Sunlight – the Quad Bracket[…]

The Men of the 122nd Fighter Wing – The Blacksnakes

Hi Friends, While visiting family this week for my niece and soon-to-be nephew’s wedding, my nephew, David, arranged for a visit to his workplace: the 122nd Fighter Wing (“The Blacksnakes”) stationed in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The airmen of the 122nd were terrific! Showed us around the shop, took us out to the flight line to do Read more about The Men of the 122nd Fighter Wing – The Blacksnakes[…]