Recovering Fujifilm FP100C Negatives – Step-By-Step

I get a lot of inquiries about how I recover my Fujifilm FP100C negatives for digitizing / scanning.  There are numerous videos online that show that process –that’s how I learned — and I’ve taken a bit from several different sources and refined my own technique.   First – a bit of background.  Fujifilm FP100C Read more about Recovering Fujifilm FP100C Negatives – Step-By-Step[…]

Extr-y, Extr-y – Read All About It: Automotive Photography Tips from Packards International Magazine

  Hi Friends, Recently, I wrote an article on fine art automotive photography with my good friends and fellow shooters, Bob Allen and Booker Preston, for Packards International Magazine.  You saw some of the images here: REWIND: Photographing the 1955 Packard Patrician – Finished Images and Behind the Scenes. Well, it’s now in print, along with a bunch Read more about Extr-y, Extr-y – Read All About It: Automotive Photography Tips from Packards International Magazine[…]

The Photographer’s Bookshelf – What I’m Reading

Keep on Learning As a photographer and photography/Photoshop instructor, I know from experience that while there’s no substitute for spending quality time with your gear, actually shooting and becoming familiar with it to the point where it is simply an extension of your creative vision. That said, one of the best ways to hone your Read more about The Photographer’s Bookshelf – What I’m Reading[…]

Five Tips for Better Compositing

Hi Friends, No question about it – compositing is THE hot technique in Photoshop these days.  It’s a great way to create an image that couldn’t exist otherwise – since subject and background are typically in completely different locations. It’s also a terrific technique for wrangling lighting for large groups that would otherwise be difficult Read more about Five Tips for Better Compositing[…]

Finding [Cold] Shoes that Fit…

Hi Friends, You wouldn’t think it would be hard to find a quality flash shoe that works everytime, is secure, and easy to use. Well, as a guy who relies on Speedlights and PockeWizards for his living, let me tell you, it’s TOUGH! I think I’ve tried them all, and I believe I’ve finally found Read more about Finding [Cold] Shoes that Fit…[…]

More Tips and Tricks for Better Landscape Photography (Part 2)

With summer upon us and travel plans in the making, wouldn’t it be great if you had a few tricks in your bag for bringing home better digital memories of your trip?  In our last post, we covered a few tips for better landscape photography.  If you missed our first post on improving your landscape Read more about More Tips and Tricks for Better Landscape Photography (Part 2)[…]

Tips and Tricks for Better Landscape Photography (Part 1)

  There’s just something about venturing out in nature with the challenge of capturing some of the amazing beauty of creation: waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity, all the while appreciating the moment-by-moment changes in the scenery as sun and clouds trek across the sky. Over the next couple posts, I’ll offer a few photography tips Read more about Tips and Tricks for Better Landscape Photography (Part 1)[…]

New Camera? Overwhelmed? Start here…

Hi Friends, As a photography instructor, I frequently encounter folks who are simply overwhelmed by the options available on their digital cameras: exposure modes (full auto, program auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual); scene modes (nighttime portrait, sunny mountain ski slope, running man, cute cat playing piano for YouTube, etc.); ISO;  flash modes…the list goes Read more about New Camera? Overwhelmed? Start here…[…]

Get Your Wide Angle On: 4 Tips for Using Your Wide Angle Lens More Effectively

Get Closer to Your Subject “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” Getting close to your subject, filling the frame with what you want your viewer to focus on, creates interest.  We’re naturally drawn to whatever is closest in the frame: the assumption being that if it’s close and large, it must Read more about Get Your Wide Angle On: 4 Tips for Using Your Wide Angle Lens More Effectively[…]

Product Photography – Rubber Stamp Sets

My wife is trying something new on her blog at I regularly do product photography of sample cards for her blog posts, but in this case, we got to shoot both the card and the stamp set from which it was created.   Setup was pretty simple: Nikon SB-800 in 3′ octabox for keylight, Read more about Product Photography – Rubber Stamp Sets[…]