Hooked on Classics…

My friend, Booker, arranged for us to meet with Jon, a local classic car collector, this weekend.  I’ve photographed  classic cars at public events and typically there are all kinds of things that get in the way of making good photographs…power lines, trash bins, other cars, other people.  It was so cool to able to Read more about Hooked on Classics…[…]

More Images from the Pharmacy Collection

I returned to the pharmacy collection last weekend with the express intent to photograph some particular medical devices: scarificators–used in the “art” of bloodletting, and other purposes prior to the advent of the hypodermic needle.  These images represent only a sampling of the variety of the scarificators in the collection.  I think what intrigues me Read more about More Images from the Pharmacy Collection[…]

More Portraits with the Octabox…

Hi Friends, I gave my photography students an assignment last night to come back next week with 3 images taken at the extreme wide angle end of their focal length…whatever type of camera / lens they have. (The class is a mix of P&S and DSLR users). I explained to them that where we often Read more about More Portraits with the Octabox…[…]

History of Medicine…Worm Syrup Anyone?

I had a wonderful opportunity recently to be invited to shoot an amazing collection of antique pharmaceuticals and medical instrument: many of which are pre-US Civil War! A friend and I spent a couple hours browsing the collection, trying to focus on what would make an interesting image; knowing all the while that we’d have Read more about History of Medicine…Worm Syrup Anyone?[…]

Scenes from the Windy City

Was in Chicago recently.  Having just been to Philadelphia and not taken my own cameras, I vowed that I would not travel to such a  “target rich environment” (photographically-speaking) without my own DSLR and at least the 24-70mm f/2.8.  As it turned out, I also dragged along the Nikkor 12-24 along, and it served really well. Read more about Scenes from the Windy City[…]

I’ve Been Published!

About a year ago, one of my students, Karen Dorame, approached me about using some of my photos in a book she was working on for Amherst Media (a publishing house that focuses mainly on photography-related titles). Well, last night, I saw the finished book: available now at Amazon.com and bookstores everywhere: These are the Read more about I’ve Been Published![…]

Drive-in: Shooting Classic Cars in Stanton, CA

Hi Friends, I don’t often photograph cars.  Unless you have complete control over the lighting and environment, it’s difficult to do it without getting reflections, people, trees, wires, and other distractions in the shot.  That being said, I did shoot a few at last weekend’s classic car show in Stanton, California. As you can see, Read more about Drive-in: Shooting Classic Cars in Stanton, CA[…]

Photos from Historic Los Angeles Field Trip

[clearspring_widget title=”Animoto.com” wid=”46928cc51133af17″ pid=”491902e1b352c07e” width=”432″ height=”260″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”] I went on a class field trip with my son last week to historic old Los Angeles. Took the train from Santa Ana to Union Station in LA, and wandered around Olvera Street and the Plaza for a couple hours.  Great fun! More importantly, I had a blast Read more about Photos from Historic Los Angeles Field Trip[…]