The Faces of Freedom Project: Orange Field of Valor 2022

Orange Field of Valor Faces of Freedom Portraits cover


I had the privilege once again this year to partner with the Community Foundation of Orange to create new portraits for the Faces of Freedom Project at the opening ceremony of the Orange Field of Valor.   What a terrific turnout!  It was a gorgeous fall day – perfect temperature, clear blue sky, and a beautiful collection of flags waving gracefully in the gentle autumn breeze.  It just doesn’t get much better than this!

US Navy sailor portrait

And thank you again to wonderful friends who provide invaluable assistance on these events.  I cannot do this alone.  

If you had your portrait done that day, feel free to download the 5×7 printable version from the gallery below. To download, click on the smaller thumbnail image to view the full size image.  Then, right-click on the full size image to save to your computer.

(Please note: these portraits are for personal use of the participants only, and may not be used for marketing / advertising, or any other purpose.  Please do not alter the images in any way – i.e., cropping, coloring, etc.).

The Faces of Freedom Project is a simple effort to say “Thank you for your service” to our US military veterans and active duty personnel through the medium of professional portraiture.  There is never any cost to the veteran to participate.  If you are a veteran (or active duty military), or know someone who is, please spread the word.  I’d love to include them in this portrait project.

Thank you again for your service! If you’d like to be kept informed of upcoming Faces of Freedom Project events, please like The Faces of Freedom Project Facebook Page


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