The Faces of Freedom Project – Normandy 75th Anniversary Portraits

On this day of remembrance, I had the privilege once again to create portraits of a number of veterans and supporting folks for The Faces of Freedom Project.

During the second World War, American women entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers to fill the gaps left by men who’d gone off to fight.  “Rosie the Riveter” was the face of the recruitment campaign.  

Elinor Otto is a true “Rosie the Riveter”.  From 1942 thru 2014, Ms. Otto worked for a number of aerospace companies building aircraft such as the iconic P-38 Lightning, and the C-17 Globemaster.  She would still be working today at 99 years of age if she had her ‘druthers, but was laid off at the age of 94 along with the rest of her department.









Captain Paul Kroesen flew B-29s for the Army Air Corp / US Air Force in WWII.  At 103 years of age, he is still sharp as a tack, and has a keen wit.

Commander David Fish flew the iconic F-4 Phantom and McDonnell F2H Banshee jets off carrier decks during the Korean War.

Sergeant First Class James Kroesen, like his father before him, served bravely in the jungles of Vietnam.

The Faces of Freedom Project is a simple effort to say “Thank you for your service” to our US military veterans and active duty personnel through the medium of professional portraiture.  There is never any cost to the veteran to participate.  If you are a veteran (or active duty military), or know someone who is, please spread the word.  I’d love to include them in this portrait project.

Thank you again for your service! If you’d like to be kept informed of upcoming Faces of Freedom Project events, please like The Faces of Freedom Project Facebook Page

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