“Like My Father Before Me: A Star Wars Story”

I am blessed to be surrounded by amazingly-talented people: my wife and kids, friends, students.  They all have unique and wonderful creative gifts. So, recently, one of these very gifted creatives, Matthew Charles Hall, reached out to me with a project proposal. The conversation went something like this:

Matt: “Hey Jon.  I’m directing a Star Wars movie.  Would you be interes…”

Me. “Sign me up!”

Matt: “…ted?”

And with that, I was able to spend a day shooting some behind the scenes stills on the set of “Like My Father Before Me: A Star Wars Story”.  And that was AWESOME!  But even more fun than that, I had a subsequent conversation with Matt that went something along this line:

Matt: “Hey Jon.  Would you be interested in doing the poster for our…”

Me: “Heck yeah!”

Matt: “…film?”

So that’s where the one sheet movie poster at the top of this post came from.

I was able to utilize some of the behind the scenes set photography, and arranged to photograph a couple of the actors in studio for the final composite.  How much fun is THAT!?!

“Like My Father Before Me: A Star Wars Story” was blessed by Lucasfilm, which gave the filmmakers access to licensed characters, Oscar-winning sound effects and music, and more.  AND, the film has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Star Wars Fan award.

You can help the team take home the title by visiting www.starwars.com and casting your “Audience Choice” vote – as often as once a day for the next 10 days.  As I like to say, “vote early, vote often.”

You can also follow my Instagram page for more behind the scenes photography in the coming weeks.

Enjoy!  And may the Force be with you!

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