New Years Resolution – Update Your Lightroom Metadata Template

Hi Friends.  The start of a new year is a great reminder for many things.  With the celebrations behind us, and hopefully a full photography calendar ahead, now is a good time to update our Adobe Lightroom metadata template!  Here’s how:

In Lightroom, from the Metadata menu, choose “Edit Metadata Presets…”


If you have a metadata preset that you used for last year, select it from the “Presets” dropdown menu:


Update the various parts of the metadata that you want to include with your template. In this case, I only need to update the year:


At the top of the Metadata Template editor, click the “Presets” dropdown again, and select: “Save Current Settings as a New Preset” and call it something meaningful (e.g., “2017 copyright”):


To apply your new metadata template when you import photos, click the “Metadata” dropdown in the import dialog (under “Apply During Import” on the right side of your screen), and select your new metadata template from the list:


This is a “sticky” setting.  That is, Lightroom will remember your choice on your next import, so you don’t need to set it every time.  (It’s good to confirm it, but you shouldn’t have to reset it on each import).

It’s also a good time to double-check your date / time settings on your cameras.  Mine embed actual copyright information, so I had to update the date of the copyright statement on each camera — not just the date / time settings.

Not the most important New Years resolution you’re likely to make this year, but it’s a good start!




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