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Hyatt Die Casting-JCHP-2504-Edit

I’m pleased to be able to share one of my favorite recent photography projects now that client’s new website is online.  The company specializes in die casting, so I got to work with molten aluminum, powder coating, and all kinds of really cool machinery.  I loved every minute of it!  The industrial / manufacturing environment is a photographer’s dream.  So many interesting lighting opportunities and challenges.  And it gave me a reason to wear my hard hat and safety vest!

Mixing ambient light and strobe is one of the aspects of my work I enjoy most.  I love the challenge of pre-visualizing the photograph in my head and working through composition, exposure, and placement of off-camera strobes to achieve that vision. Ambient / available light is great.  But ambient light supplemented with a few strategically placed strobes…oh, my.  That’s magical.

I’d originally planned to use battery-powered studio strobes on location.  It became clear to me right away on day one that there’d be no way to work even small studio heads into the spaces between the giant industrial machinery.  So most of the off-camera lighting for this project was accomplished via remote speedlights (Nikon SB-800s) with Honl Speed Grids, gels, and reflectors.  Radio triggers (in this case, PocketWizard FlexTT5 / MiniTT1 / AC3 Zone Controller) were the go-to off-camera triggering solution in this environment where I had to hide the strobes behind machinery, walls, etc. to keep them out of the shot. My Manfrotto Justin Clamps were essential for placing speedlights exactly where I needed them. And it all worked great.  The compact size of the speedlights and reliability of the radios allowed me to place them strategically exactly where I needed them to provide a motivated light for each image.

So, several days of location photography in their manufacturing and finishing facilities, a couple days of studio product photography, and a lot of web design work later, their new website is ready to go at  Of course, they’d be just pretty pictures without the extraordinary talents of Sam Nelson and his team at Website Muscle.

You can take a look at the website directly via the link above, and I’ve included a few of my favorite images from the shoot below.

For your corporate / commercial photography needs, please contact me or call 714-679-4863 to chat about your project.

Hyatt Die Casting-JCHP-2179-EditHyatt Day 3 (GG)-JCHP-3718

Hyatt Day 3 (GG)-JCHP-3677-EditHyatt Die Casting-JCHP-2349-EditHyatt Die Casting-JCHP-2385-EditHyatt Die Cast Day 2-JCHP-3344-EditHyatt Die Casting-JCHP-2167Hyatt Die Cast Day 2-JCHP-3510Hyatt Die Casting-JCHP-2066-EditHyatt Day 3 (GG)-JCHP-4027 Hyatt Day 3 (GG)-JCHP-4060  Hyatt Die Cast Day 2-JCHP-3141-Edit Hyatt Die Cast Day 2-JCHP-3182

Hyatt Die Cast Day 2-JCHP-3547-Edit Hyatt Die Cast Day 2-JCHP-3576    Hyatt Die Cast Product-JCHP-0017 Hyatt Die Cast Product-JCHP-4246-Edit Hyatt Die Cast Product-JCHP-4277-Edit Hyatt Die Cast Product-JCHP-4486 Hyatt Die Cast Product-JCHP-4518-Edit Hyatt Die Cast Product-JCHP-4625-Edit


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