New Veterans Portraits Added to Faces of Freedom Project


Hi Friends,

I am blessed with opportunity.  Recently, I was privileged to photograph about 60 veterans at the Orange Plaza Flag Ceremony for the Faces of Freedom Project.  They ranged from 90+ year old WWII vets (both men and women) to soldiers who served in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, to active duty personnel.  Wow!  I continue to be awed by the humility of these men and women who have sacrificed so much for MY freedoms.  Thank you all, again, for your service.

A few of my favorite images (by no means all – so hard to choose) from our July session are included here – like the above image of Frank Cook, who, in honor of his grandfather, asked to be photographed in his granddad’s WWI uniform.  These and more have been added to the Faces of Freedom Project Gallery.

If you participated in this portrait session, I will be emailing you with a link to download your printable resolution image.  Watch your email inbox over the next few days.

Please go out of your way to thank a veteran for his or her service today.

BARKER-Margaret-FOF-JCHP-1942-EditTILSON, David-FOF-JCHP-1867-Edit-EditCARMACK, Charlie-FOF-JCHP-1877-Edit-Edit CULVER-Gloria-FOF-JCHP-2119-Edit ENRIQUEZ-Pastor Joe-FOF-JCHP-1922-Edit-Edit GARCIA-Phillip-FOF-JCHP-2038-Edit-Edit HODGES-Bishop-FOF-JCHP-2086-Edit NGUYEN-Chuong-FOF-JCHP-2106-Edit-Edit MOOREHEAD-Jan-FOF-JCHP-2032-Edit-Edit WILSON-Marjorie-FOF-JCHP-2094-Edit WAYLAND-Mark-FOF-JCHP-2139-Edit

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