New Faces of Freedom Project Veterans Portraits Added


Hi Friends,

As you know, our military personnel – both past and present — are near and dear to my heart.  Several years ago, I started a personal photography venture called “The Faces of Freedom Project” as a “thank you for your service” effort on behalf of our military veterans. I recently had the opportunity to photograph nearly 100 veterans at a local outreach event in Orange County, and wanted to share a few of those faces with you here.

For the complete “Faces of Freedom Project”, please visit my online gallery at: “The Faces of Freedom Project” and go out of your way today to thank a veteran for his or her service.

Mann, Tony-FOFSTDDWN2014-JCHP-0104-Edit-Edit

Collins, William-FOFSTDDWN2014-JCHP-0046-Edit

Denton, James-FOFSTDDWN2014-JCHP-0139-Edit


Ford, Emmett-FOFSTDDWN2014-JCHP-0032-Edit

Haines, Richard-FOFSTDDWN2014-JCHP-0123-Edit

Jackson, Andrew-FOFSTDDWN2014-JCHP-2-2-Edit

Luke, Brad-FOFSTDDWN2014-JCHP-2-2-Edit


Pinder Hughes, Diana-FOFSTDDWN2014-JCHP-0034-Edit  Walker, Roman-FOFSTDDWN2014-JCHP-2-2-Edit


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