To “Infiniti” and Beyond! Photographing the 2014 Infiniti QX80 SUV

2014 Infiniti QX80-JCHP-0075-Rig Shot

Hi Friends,

I had the distinct pleasure of being able to photograph a friend’s new 2014 Infiniti QX80 SUV this past weekend.  Gary’s QX80 is a gorgeous blacked-out model, and it photographs beautifully – reflecting the color of the late afternoon Southern California sky like you wouldn’t believe.

Our first location choice was a bust due to a locked gate, but plan B worked out great! Just a little traffic to contend with, but worked out just fine.

Motion rig automotive photography is not a one-person job. Manhandling the boom, driving, directing traffic – couldn’t do it alone!  Many thanks to my good photographer friends, Booker and Bob, for this assistance on this shoot, AND for capturing some behind the scenes photos as well.  Thanks, too for making sure I didn’t get run over in the process!  Special kudos to Gary for being a good sport with his new baby, and taking time away from family to spend with us on a beautiful SoCal Saturday afternoon!

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2014 Infiniti QX80 - Rig shot

2014 Infiniti QX80-Portait-Sunset-Jon C. Haverstick Photography

Bob Allen Photography - Jon Haverstick Automotive Rig Photography

Photo by Booker - Jon C. Haverstick Automotive Rig Photography


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