Automotive Action Photography – Shooting the 2013 Hyundai Genesis

2013 Hyundai Genesis-Rig-JCHP-0258-Edit

Hi Friends,

On a recent rainy day in Southern California, we met in an empty parking lot in Irvine to put my new Rig-Pro automotive photography boom to the test.   I’ve been wanting to shoot Sam’s Genesis for a while, and what better combo than a beautiful red sports car in a gray industrial space on a stormy day?  Doesn’t get much better!

Thanks, Sam, for your willingness to brave the inclemant weather!  And thanks, too, to Bob for the invaluable assist on the shoot. Looking forward to doing much more with this setup in the near future.

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2013 Hyundai Genesis-Rig-JCHP-0194-Edit

2013 Hyundai Genesis-Rig-JCHP-0138-Edit

2013 Hyundai Genesis-Rig-JCHP-4866-Edit

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