Holy Head Turner, Batman! Photographing the ’66 Batmobile


Hi Friends,

“Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed.” About a year ago, I had a rare opportunity to photograph the Batmobile from 1960s TV series.  The owner was gracious enough to allow us to drive in front of, behind, and alongside to shoot car-to-car, and capture this icon of my childhood in motion.  Best of all, when we were done, I actually got to RIDE in this car!  Talk about childhood dreams come true!

Having recently done a portrait shoot with Batman and several of his arch nemeses in the DC Comics rogues gallery, I was reminded of these images, so thought I’d pull them from the archives and share.



Batmobile-Driving-JCHP-41-Edit_iPad  Batmobile-Driving-JCHP-134-Edit_iPad   Batmobile-Driving-JCHP-346_iPad Batmobile-Driving-JCHP-349_iPad Batmobile-Driving-JCHP-350_iPad




Thanks for dropping by. Now…to the Batcave!



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