The Wayback Machine-Shooting the 1962 IH Scout 80


1962 IH Scout 80-8593-Edit

Hi Friends,

In a moment of nostalgic weakness (actually, after several years of pining, I suspect), my brother-in-law, Steve, got his dream truck: a 1962 International Harvester Scout 80 4WD.

Now, this truck has significance for both of us.  Both our dads worked for International Harvester most of their working careers.  My dad was a mechanical engineer (draftsman), and Steve’s dad was in management in the factory. Steve also had a somewhat newer version of this classic utility vehicle just after high school.   And, this truck was also made the year both of us were born.  Seems Steve had no choice but to buy THIS baby!

He took delivery of it while I was visiting in Indiana – arrived on a trailer from Montreal, Canada.  And, boy did it bring back memories. Of course we had to go for a drive. Of course,  I had to shoot it.  So, on a foggy, overcast (i.e., perfect for automotive photography) day in Northern Indiana, we drove the backroads and byways, and found a couple really cool places to shoot.

1962 IH Scout 80-8687

1962 IH Scout 80-8658-Edit

1962 IH Scout 80-8638

1962 IH Scout 80-8633-Edit

1962 IH Scout 80-8567

1962 IH Scout 80-8396

1962 IH Scout 80-8416

1962 IH Scout 80-8425

1962 IH Scout 80-8353

Gets me to thinking about my first car – a 1972 Dodge Charger SE. Now THAT takes me back…

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