Jeep Jamboree 2013-Big Bear, CA

Jeep Jamboree 2013-JCHP-5732-Edit-Edit

Hi Friends,

If I mention, “John Bull Run,” or “Gold Mountain,” or “X-Trails”, or “3-foot Southern Pacific Rattlesnake” what comes to mind?   The 2013 Jeep Jamboree in Big Bear, California, of course!  Great turnout this year, and absolutely PERFECT weather!  I saw more of the mountain that day than I ever have before (and brought quite a bit of it home with me in the form of dust on my gear).  What a hoot!

Jeep Jamboree 2013-JCHP-4913

Jeep Jamboree 2013-JCHP-5595

Special thanks to Micheal and Bobette Haag for their hospitality and willingness to haul me around the mountain to all the best spots for photos.

Jeep Jamboree 2013-JCHP-5782-Edit-Edit

I was having some trouble uploading all of the images as a gallery here on my website, so if you were part of the Jamboree and want to find / download images of your rock-crawler, check out the following link to my Facebook album of the event:

Jeep Jamboree 2013 Gallery on Facebook

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