Ronald McDonald House Family Christmas Portraits 2012


Hi Friends,


I had the privilege this week of providing family portraits at the 2012 Ronald McDonald House Family Christmas Party.  I don’t know the total number in attendance, but I photographed about 75 family groups, and with the help of my son, and the generous donation of a printer, we were able to print 4×6 photographs on site for the folks to take with them.

Thank you to the staff of Ronald McDonald House for all you do.  And thanks especially to my good friends, Royce Rumsey, Pat Finnerty, and my son, Conner, for your invaluable support and assistance!

For folks who were there, and looking for your portraits, you’ll find them in the gallery below.  (Note, there are several pages of thumbnails).  To grab your photo, click on the thumbnail for the larger version, then right-click to save the image to your computer).

Blessings to you this holiday season!

Thanks for dropping by!

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