Senior Portrait Hockey Shoot w/Behind the Scenes Lighting Setup

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A few teaser images from a senior portrait shoot this week. Tom’s an avid street hockey player and a rabid Anaheim Ducks fan, so we wanted to capture some of that passion in his portrait session. It’s been a bit rainy here in SoCal this week, so we were fortunate to shoot between storms, and had some nice threatening clouds for background…

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For the gearheads, here’s a wide shot of the lighting configuration for most of this… Key light: Nikon SB-800 in beauty dish, rim light – SB-800s, no modifiers (i.e., bare flash). In fact, in a couple shots, I included the lights in frame just for fun. Probably would have been more effective if I’d had, say, 20 or 30 more speedlights. But then, I’m not Joe McNally (Joe…are you reading this?) All Speedlights fired via PocketWizard Flex5/MiniTT1 system.

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Tom was a terrific sport. Lots more images to come from this session.  In the meantime, for other examples of my senior portrait work, feel free to jump over to my senior portraits gallery…  And if you know of a senior (or parents of a senior) looking for something more exciting and creative and personal than your standard mall portrait studio shots to commemorate their best year in high school, I’d love to talk to them!

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