New Project – Steampunk Portraits!

This is Steampunk

Think Jules Verne…Victorian England…Wild, Wild West (the 60’s TV show with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin, or the 90’s remake with Will Smith). It’s typically realized as a mixture of relatively conservative vintage fashion with elements of the mechanical.  And I’m hooked on the look!  And, apparently, I’m not the only one.

Our drama troupe, “Masquer Ministries” is presenting the classic 70’s musical, “Godspell” in steampunk fashion.  I’ve seen the set–very cool, and apropos to the theme.  Normally, we do headshots for new cast members in street clothes, rather than made up and costumed. This time, however, given the uniqueness of the style and my fascination with the genre, I arranged with Masquers’ director, Ian Talbot, to do cast portraits in costume!  Note: the costumes and accouterments were designed and created by the cast members, themselves.  Pretty awesome!

Here are a few of my favorites from the portrait session:

For more images, checkout the complete gallery on my Facebook Fan Page (and please “Like” my page while you’re there, if you’d be so kind).

For the gearheads, here’s a shot of the setup:

Mark your calendar now to see Godspell the weekend of April 6 or April 13 (directions and showtimes HERE):

April 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 7:30pm 2012
Doors open @ 7:00

Candlewood Theatre
1340 N. Candlewood Ave. 
Anaheim Ca. 92805

Donations greatly appreciated.

See you at the theater!



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3 thoughts on “New Project – Steampunk Portraits!

  • Hello Jon,

    Great portrait shoot. I really like that you shot these individuals in their costumes. Seeing them as they will appear is great and adds to the persons individuality IMO.

    I like the setup shot a lot. Can you share facts about the 22″ beauty dish? I am interested in getting one. All the best Jon.


  • Beautiful portraits! Yes, Steampunk is so awesome! I just saw Masquer’s first “Godspell” performance; what a joy! : )

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