Mr. Albert B. Location Portraits

Hi Friends,

Had the opportunity today to photograph Mr. B. in his home.  He wanted a nice large formal portrait for later use, and has a lovely home in the hills of Orange County in which to create the portrait.

When shooting location or environmental portraits, I travel with pretty much everything. If ever I left something behind for a location shoot like this, it would be the ONE piece of gear I needed to make it work.  So…I bring it all.

That said, I ended up keeping it pretty simple, lighting-wise: One light setup balanced with the ambient.  Used a 24-inch Lastolite Ezybox and SB-800 combo for the key light.  Balanced the ambient and added a bit of fill with a 36″ white reflector.  (Thanks, Minh for doing double duty as a VAL today!).

I think Mr. B. will be I think Mr. B. will be quite pleased with the results.  Update: Mr. B. and his wife were QUITE pleased with the results.  In fact, I’ll likely be going back soon to do some more portraits of Mrs. B!


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