New Headshots for Masquer Ministries’ Christmas Production: “Traditions”

Hi Friends,

Once again I’ve been privileged to photograph the dress rehearsal for Masquer Ministries’ Christmas production: “Traditions: A Performance Art Concert.” The show is a selection of familiar and not-so-familiar Christmas songs that will leave you wanting more! Truly a terrific way to get in the proper Christmas mindset.

The show runs this weekend only (12/9 – 12/11).  Details are on the Masquer Ministries website.

I can’t post images of the show until after opening night, but we did some new headshots for some of the cast so I thought I’d at least share those…


If you’re in the SoCal area, make it a point this weekend to attend one of the “Traditions” performances.  You’ll be blessed!

Thanks for dropping by.


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3 thoughts on “New Headshots for Masquer Ministries’ Christmas Production: “Traditions”

  • Thank you for another beautiful reminder of a lot of hard work for a very special group of people – and they let me be part of it. When will you post all the pictures you took. Also, you took 4 shots of me – can I see them? Thank You so much Jon for all your talented work.

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