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I had the opportunity recently to photograph an amazing collection of handcrafted custom furniture at a beautiful home in San Diego County.  The manufacturer contracted with me to photograph her work in the home setting – images to be used on her website, marketing materials, etc.

The home is decorated in the “Old World Chateau” style. In other words, it’s like a castle on the inside.  The furniture is all custom built at a facility in Vista, CA, to fit the decor of the home. No detail was overlooked: from the selection of woods and finishes, to the style of the upholstery and throw pillows.

Photographically, the challenge was to capture these unique pieces in their environment.  I went fully prepared to light with studio heads or Speedlights as necessary.  As it turned out, the mix of daylight and tungsten would have made it nearly impossible to utilize auxiliary lighting. So, I elected to go with the ambient, and shot everything with the possible application of HDR processing. As it turned out, for those images where there was a strong mix of daylight and tungsten, the daylight gave it a rather cool (as in, “neat”, not a temperature), ethereal look in contrast to the warmth of the tungsten-lit areas of the room.

In the end, the client was happy, I was happy, and I came away with a terrific collection of interior architectural / design images.  A few more of my favorites follow:

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