“Job”: A Masquer Ministries Original Production

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Once again, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to intrude upon Masquer Ministries’ dress rehearsal to photograph the show.  I look forward to each new production, knowing that I’ll be among the first non-cast member to see it in its entirety.

As a photographer, I find that I’m often so focused on getting the images that I sometimes miss part of the continuity of the story. Not the case with “Job”. You simply cannot help but be completely immersed in this biblical story of a man who had everything taken away, and while he questioned and was ill-advised by his friends, he never lost sight of who God is, and who he is.  Job is the example for all of us who go through trials and tribulation (and who doesn’t) – and continue to bless the Name of the Lord through it all, and are restored.

Based on the the Old Testament book by the same name, “Job” is an original Masquer Ministries production in all respects:  written by Ian Talbot and Malinda Fugate, directed by Ian Talbot, with original musical score by Darrell Conrad.  You still have three opportunities to see it: Friday thru Sunday, October 14-16.  Doors open at 7:00 PM.  Friday’s show will be followed by a special panel discussion with the cast and crew.  You don’t want to miss it!  Details and directions are on the Masquer Ministries website.

A few of my favorite images follow, and more can be found on Masquer Ministries’ Facebook page:

I encourage you to make the time to see this show.  You will come away from the theater a changed person…

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  • “Job” was indeed Beautiful, Breathtaking & Magnificent!…Much like these photos! ; ) You truly have a gift from God, Jon…thank you for using it to bless others for His Glory and the Furthering of His Kingdom! God Bless You!

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