I spent all day Monday in the Emergency Room…

…creating totally cool images for a medical device manufacturer!

Hi friends! Had a terrific day shooting in the ER at LA County / USC Medical Center this past Monday with my good friend, Royce. We had arranged to set up a trauma bay for location images of a medical device in use.  With the invaluable assistance of a team of doctors, nurses and medical students, we created a compelling series of images that exceeded our client’s expectations.  (We were pretty pleased, ourselves, with the “wow-factor”, even if I do say so myself).

I can’t show you the finished images here since they are proprietary, but you can get a feel for the day from some of the following:

Kia, Cassie, Keith and Lisa working on Sam (our “patient”):

Dr. Norm giving Sam the “traffic accident victim” look.  You can also see the general lighting setup: a pair of studio monoblock lights with the new 7′ Westcott parabolic umbrellas for ambient to provide a blown out background; and key light via Nikon SB-800 in a 22″ beauty dish.  All lights triggered via PocketWizards (MiniTT1 on camera, FlexTT5 on the SB-800, and built-in PWs on the monoblock lights).

Dr. Norm’s handiwork:

After we’d finished the images for the client, I did some environmental portraits of the team:

Dr. Norm: Navy ER doc and our make-up artist extraordinaire!

LCDR Keith F: Navy OR specialist:

And Kia, Cassie, and Sam (sans accident victim makeup) – doctors-to-be:

We’re hoping to go back one day soon for some other portrait opportunities.  Can’t wait!

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