A New Style of Portraiture…for Me: Pinup! (G-rated)

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So one of my Photoshop students invited me to a photography meetup he’d arranged. Other than the occasional photowalk, and out-of-class specialty discussions, I’ve never really participated in a photography meetup.  So, I was intrigued.  He then indicated that the style of the day would be pinup.  Of course, I was familiar with WWII aircraft noseart, and the generalities of the pinup style, but I’ve never shot it, and didn’t really know much about it.  Boy is there a lot to learn!

We had wonderful models to work with, and an experienced pinup hair / makeup artist / photographer who gave a 15-20 minute presentation on the style and getting poses and expressions from our models.  Then they turned us loose.

It’s a bit out of my normal portraiture comfort zone, but it was a blast, and I learned a few things that will carry over nicely into my more familiar portrait styles.

A couple of my favorites follow:

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