New Fine Art Images – California Route 395 (Part 1)

Hi Friends,

Just returned from our annual Father Son Campout, and have been madly sorting through gigabytes upon gigabytes of images from Bodie Ghost Town, Kramer Junction, Devils Postpile National Monument, and Rainbow Falls.  I’ve only finished a few so far (a number of long nights ahead).  I’ll also have some infrared images coming soon. All will eventually be posted in the Fine Art gallery here on my site.

Bodie State Park was fascinating, and a target rich environment for high dynamic range (HDR) imaging.  The former gold / silver mining town is in what the rangers refer to as “an arrested state of decay”, and as you see from the image above, and below, “decay” is an apt description:

We also stopped at Randsburg (population 69), a former gold mining town along the route: 

Once in camp at Pumice Flats (Mammoth), there was plenty to see and do… We made the trek to Rainbow Falls one morning – well worth the hike (even toting 20 lbs of camera gear)!

Gotta run for now. Just wanted to get a few up while they were fresh.  Check back soon for more images from the Route 395 collection!

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