Channeling Walker, Texas Ranger: Indiana-Style

Hi Friends,

Probably couldn’t pull this off in California with all the police helicopters circling overhead.  But out here in the farm country of Northern Indiana – well, let’s just say I’ve not seen anything circling overhead larger than a purple martin…

Dad used to raise horses – Rocky Mountains, to be precise.  And while he no longer has the horses due to health issues, he still has a lot of the gear that went with it.  And I can’t think of anyone who looks cooler in cowboy attire than my dad!

So, went out this evening with a pair of SB-800s (to overpower the sun), and a couple of his favorite long guns, waited for the right couple minutes, and came up with this series of portraits

The portrait below was done indoors with a pair of SB-800s behind the white background (more even illumination, and don’t have to worry about wrinkles), and a third SB-800 in a 24-inch Ezybox for key.  It was actually just a lighting test (Dad standing in for my models who had yet to arrive), but I liked the way it worked out.

My dad was a real trooper.  That Aussie raincoat weighs about 20 pounds, and doesn’t breath worth a darn.  Had it taken much longer to shoot, he probably would have passed out from excessive sweating!  It did keep the ‘skeeters away though!

Edit: added a couple new photos of Dad on black.  Key light was a single Nikon SB-900 in a 24-inch Lastolite Ezybox; rim light via a pair of SB-800s with Honl Speed Grids (GREAT tools for modifying small flash) to control flare.

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2 thoughts on “Channeling Walker, Texas Ranger: Indiana-Style

  • WOW! This is a wonderful shot, I especially love the way the sky looks in the background. Seriously Jon, the gifts God has blessed you with are incredible. Keep it up.

  • Some cracking shots here Jon, your dad looks the real McCoy.
    I love the shots of the old Gold/Silver mining town, that hotel man? Just waiting for Jack Nicholson to lump out!!
    Love the new site, keep up the good work. If you haven’t registered with my blog as yet I would appreciate it, I am really trying this time to spread the word, albeit in the UK.
    Finally are you on LinkedIn?
    Mark – Wales, UK

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