New PocketWizard-Friendly Multi-Flash Bracket

Hi Friends,

When working with flash in bright sun, it’s often necessary to gang several flash units together to compensate for the loss of output when operating at sync speeds above normal flash sync (i.e., “high speed sync”). A month or two back, I crafted a simple straight bar (my “Stro-bar”) with three cold shoes for mounting hotshoe flashes side by side, but I was looking for something a bit more compact that would array the flash units in a radial fashion instead of a linear arrangement.

There are manufactured versions of what I wanted, but they’re pretty spendy. I’d made one of these before (much more compact version), but when I got my PocketWizard FlexTT5s, I found that they were too wide to use on my previous bracket – they bumped into each other, making it difficult to seat them properly on their respective cold shoes.

So, a couple dollars worth of aluminum strip, some 1/4-20 screws, and some spare cold shoes, and I now have a rig that works great with my new PocketWizards.  It’s not particularly pretty, but it works. And it’s perfect for lighting up a 40+ inch shoot-thru umbrella.

The next version will be a little more compact, but this works for now…

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