Sam at Baker Street Train Station

Hi Friends,

I was back in Indiana last weekend (where, if I recall, it never got above about 12 degrees F).  Went back to shoot cheerleader portraits at my sister’s gym, but before we got started, we headed over to the Historic Baker Street Train Station where Sam and her fiance, David, are planning to have their wedding reception this summer.

Summer temps will make it a little more pleasant to shoot, but here are a couple images we grabbed between episodes of hand-thawing:

Had a little assistance from my sister, Robin, in the VAL (voice-activated-lightstand) category…  Had to  make sure she didn’t lick the aluminum lights stand.  Yeah, that’s Rob in the 3 scarves, mittens, hat and sunglasses…

Fun to visit, but glad to be back in SoCal where it hasn’t been below 70 degrees in the last week!

Thanks for dropping by!


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