Radiopopper PX Receiver Mod – Version 2

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If you’ve been following my blog the past couple weeks, you know how thrilled I am with my new Radiopopper PX system: combining the best of infrared and radio for remote flash triggering. As I’d noted previously, the new Radiopopper receiver mounting system, while well-designed, doesn’t fit very well in my current system of hotshoe flash modifiers (softboxes, beauty dish, Justin Clamps, etc.) given its 1/4-20 tripod mount and cold shoe.

For the receiver to communicate properly with the flash, the Radiopopper IR emitter window must be aligned with the IR sensor on the flash:

Viewed from the bottom of the SB-800 hotshoe flash (below), you can’t see the RP IR emitter, but the SB-800 IR sensor window is clearly visible:

As I am loathe to put hook and loop on my flashes, I came up with a way to hold the receiver in position with non-slip hair bands.  Worked pretty well, but I found that the plastic on plastic of the receiver on the flash allowed the receiver to slip out of position, which resulted in misalignment of the receiver IR emitter with the flash IR sensor window.

I’d considered fabricating some kind of aluminum jig with a cold shoe, but when a quick search through our pantry revealed some non-skid drawer liner, I knew I had my solution. Attached to the back of the receiver with double-stick foam tape, the rubbery drawer liner prevents slippage of the receiver. So, with the no-slip hair bands and the non-skid drawer liner, I have a nice low-profile solution without having to gunk up my flashes with hook and loop.

I’m shooting the Masquer Ministries “Journey to the Manger” dress rehearsal this week, with my flash-on-a-stick / 24″ softbox rig: the perfect field test for my non-skid solution. I’ll report back on the Radiopopper non-skid setup after Tuesday’s dress rehearsal.

Speaking of Masquer Ministries, if you’re in SoCal, there’s no better way to start your holiday season than their Christmas production of “Journey to the Manger.”  Three performances: December 3-5 at 7:30 PM at the Candlewood Theater in Anaheim. Details on the Masquer Facebook page.

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  • Hi,

    I’m in a similar predicament. especially since the RP cradle on an already huge SB 900 is a monstrosity. Looking at your new mod, I thought the IR port on the flash and on the receiver needs to be encased so that no stray light can spill into the ports?

    • Hi Peter,

      I’ve used it with this configuration without a problem–indoors. Since you asked (and I’d not thought to test it yet myself in bright sun), I tested it and you’re right – bright sun shining on the SB-800 sensor does cause problems. I’ve modified the setup to use the foam ring and pad graciously provided by the good folks at RadioPopper for the asking, and that solved the problem. Thanks for thinking of it! Glad I fixed it now!

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