Family Portrait Session

The bane of most photographers is that we seldom show up in our own family portraits-for obvious reasons. So, when my folks asked for a new family photo, I took the opportunity to “schedule” a session with my wife and kids.  We trekked over to a local elementary school that has a favorite red wall and steps that I thought might make for an interesting background.

I setup the D2x on a tripod, and a SB-800 Speedlight in a 3′ octabox on a C-stand.  Metered for the wall, and underexposed by ~ 1 stop. Set camera on self-timer mode–clicked and ran without tripping over the C-stand or killing myself on the steps.  (Whose idea was it to wear a sweater in 80+ degree weather?)

Did a couple of Cat:

Turned the camera over to Cat for a few shots:

I have a couple other locations in mind, so hopefully next weekend will provide some additional opportunities.

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