Cruisin’ for a Cure Car Show

Hi Friends,

Been a “little” uneven with posting of late.  I’ll try to do better…

My good friend, Booker, invited me to the “Cruisin’  for a Cure” Car Show (in support of City of Hope’s prostate cancer program)  at the Orange County Fairgrounds today.  So, up at 5:30 to be at the fairgrounds as the sun was coming up.  Great spending time with my friend.  But I’ve decided, I’m NOT an automotive photographer – at least not when there aren’t people posing with a piece of rolling art, and Speedlights to be fiddled with!

That said, here are a few from the show:

Carted way too much gear with me for this one… Next time, just one camera and tripod.  And the sun needs to come up later.  I need my beauty sleep!

Thanks for dropping by.


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5 thoughts on “Cruisin’ for a Cure Car Show

  • Maybe the second cup of Java would have kicked in the desire to shoot more. There was too much reflectance to deal with, and no smiling faces!!!
    But you know we still love ya anyway.

  • There are a couple of really pix here my friend.

    NEVER talk yourself down, if you don’t value your product then no one else will.!!!

    ‘Row Backlit’ is a really nice photo, thanks for sharing.



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