[Electric] Tea Lights

Several times a week I’m shooting cards and other papercraft projects for my wife’s website/blog (http://www.stampingpro.com).  I’ve got the routine down pretty well…high key, underlighting/backlighting, reflective.  It’s a very clean look and everyone seems to like it (she’s got about 250 “followers” since she launched her blog in January).

Anyway, she’s making party favors in the form of electric tea lights for her best friend’s birthday party tomorrow evening, and needed photos.  As you can see from the following, the high-key setup would have been completely inappropriate for the candlelight look. So a little experimenting, and 3 seconds at ISO 100, f/6.3 with a little pop of SB-800 (1/64 power) in a 3-foot octabox seemed to do the trick:

Thanks for looking!


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