Heritage Portrait- Terry M: Potter / Ceramicist

My good friend, Booker — gourd artist extraordinaire — introduced me to a new friend and fellow artist: Terry M. Terry is a supremely talented ceramicist / potter, and graciously allowed us monopolize the better part of his morning making portraits in his Orange, California studio.

A few images from today’s shoot…

Here, the kiln behind Terry really set the stage as a pottery studio.  But the kiln was rather dark.  So I added a pair of SB-800 Speedlights (triggered with PocketWizrds), each with a full cut CTO (orange) gel to warm the light, and provide some detail in the interior of the kiln:

We moved outside to a storage area that was draped in a blue tarp. I gelled the SB-800 with 1/2 cut CTO, and set the camera white balance to tungsten to match the gelled strobe.  Setting the camera’s WB to tungsten renders daylight very blue, further enhancing the already blue-ish cast of the background.  Terry, being lit with the tungsten-balanced flash, has normal/neutral tones, making for an interesting contrast against the predominantly blue background.  This is one of my favorite techniques for separating my subject from their background when doing location portraiture.

Terry and Booker:

Terry let me bring a couple pieces home to shoot in the studio.

On black acrylic with a single SB-800 in a 3′ octabox camera left and high:

Same setup, but long (~10 second) exposure to allow the tea light inside the piece to burn in and light the inside:

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2 thoughts on “Heritage Portrait- Terry M: Potter / Ceramicist

  • Leslie and Booker are good friends of mine. He likes to share his gourd art and photography with me. He forwarded your pictures of Terry the Potter. They are wonderful! I met Terry some years ago and you were right on when you said how gracious he was. I love the photos of his pottery, but I like the pictures of Terry the Potter even more…you captured his essence.

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