Track Portraits of Conner – Hard Lighting

Headed over to our local college track to do a few portraits of Conner in his CCHS track uniform today.  Had in mind to do them with strong backlighting for an edgy look and long cast shadows.

Setup involved 3 off camera strobes (Nikon SB-800s).  The key light was in a 3′ octagonal softbox, directly in front of Conner, and just above his head. Backlighting was provided by 2 SB-800s at head height, about 8 feet behind Conner and equidistant from each other just out of frame to left and right.  The backlights were flagged to minimize lens flare.  Also had a little bit of extra backlight from that mother of all light sources: Sol. Flashes were triggered via PocketWizards.

Had to take a few of him in action as well.  Switched to the 12-24mm Nikkor, and dropped the shutter speed to 1/40s to give lots of motion blur:

Hoping to take some more action shots next weekend at the meet.

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