A few more portraits from the OR…

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Wrapped up our shoot for “Infection Control in the Operating Room.” (working subtitle: “the 5-second rule.”).  Did a couple final portraits of cast and consultants while I still had access to the OR.

Here’s the general setup / lighting details for the OR portraits…

Shot with D2x; 24-70 f/2.8. Ambient lighting for the room was provided daylight coming in through a frosted west facing window.  Lighting for the subject(s) was a single SB-800 w/shoot-thru umbrella at about 30-degrees right of camera position to offset the strong backlighting of the surgical lights, which I deliberately aimed at the subjects to provide some rim lighting / separation from the background. Manual exposure on camera (ISO 200; ~1/125s at f/4.5) to underexpose the background a bit. Controlled lighting on the subjects by dialing the flash output up or down as necessary (~1/4 power, as I recall).

I’m not sure what the white balance is on the surgical lamps, but the room is painted a pale green, and between the ambient light and the paint, gives the setting a nice even greenish cast to the background so the daylight balanced lighting on the subject helps to separate him from the environment…sort of a color / monochrome (green) dichotomy.

And though not taken in the OR, this is typical of the end of a shoot at my day job…

Thanks for looking!

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0 thoughts on “A few more portraits from the OR…

  • What great physician portraits! Pre-surgery or post?

    I worked at the House Ear Institute with a tight family of surgical video producers and crew. The brilliance of physicians and the miracles they perform are truly astonishing to capture in stills and video. Once you get a flavor for it, it’s hard to resist every opportunity to do so.

    Just returned from a weekend at Professional Photographers of California, Pasadena with Karen. Learned some great techniques in the workshops.


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