Return to Portraiture: Edgy and Action!

It’s been a really crazy week!  Returned to stormy SoCal after a non-stop weekend of portraiture and conducting my Lightroom Roadshow one day seminar in Northern Indiana.  What a blast that was!  I’m planning another one here in Orange County for sometime this Spring, so check back often for the date if you’re interested.

While the primary reason for the trip was the Lightroom seminar, I managed to work in a fair amount of portraiture as well. The portrait of Nick at the top of this post is a return to one of my favorite edgy forms of lighting. This is done with a three light setup.  I used Nikon SB800 Speedlights (hotshoe flashes), but you could do it with any kind of light.  The trick is to place two backlights, aimed at the subject, equidistant from the subject to provide a nice rimlighting. Good to flag these backlights to prevent lens flare. The key light is generally directly in front of, and slightly above the subject’s eyeline, in this case with a shoot-thru umbrella.  Usually, I use a beauty dish for a little more contrast, but the umbrella worked great on short notice.

Also did a few shots of my niece, Olivia.  Quite the cheerleader as I found out!

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3 thoughts on “Return to Portraiture: Edgy and Action!

  • Jon,

    I’m doing a shoot tomorrow and wanted to create a Cucoloris – didn’t you build one at one time???…I’m thinking about creating one with black wrap and throwing it on a strobe…but I don’t know if that will work…any ideas???

  • Like the backdrop for the cheer…and the lighting technique. She is quite a gal…ouch!!
    Great class in IN…glad I was there. Also happy with the CD for future reference. Gosh…I want to do it all. Do I have to practice? ha. Love it!!!

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