Blessings to You in 2010!

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We had a wonderful Christmas here in Southern California.  A quiet day with family.

My mother-in-law gets me the Hallmark Star Trek ornament each year… My wife relegates them to the back side of the Christmas tree, but I have an entire fleet back there now! This is one of my favorites: NCC-1701A – USS Enterprise

A couple of my son’s Gundam models (gift from my folks):

Playing with the black acrylic (gift from my folks-the Kindle, not the acrylic):

With the exception of the black acrylic, which was only needed for the Kindle photo, here’s the setup for all of these… Handpainted blue background, single SB-800 speedlight in 3’ octabox. D2x / 24-70 f/2.8.

For the Enterprise and Gundam images, the models were suspended on a blue thread hung from a boom. Trick was shooting them while spinning. Couldn’t stop the motion, so just went with it and shot as they swung around to the desired position. Post processing was limited to removing the thread (patch tool and healing brush) and adding some stars (Photoshop brush) and text.

We are blessed. And we wish you and yours a happy and prosperous 2010!


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