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If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I’ve been privileged to be able to photograph the dress rehearsals for Masquer Ministries: a phenomenal drama troupe that calls my church home base.  Well, they’re preparing for their Season’s Prelude fund raiser and needed headshots, so I had a chance  today to bone up on my portrait technique with willing subjects other than my own kids!

The cast needed black and whites for their purposes, so I thought a nice high-key look would serve well.  Typically, I’d use the SB-800 Speedlights for this type of thing given their portability, but since I had the room and didn’t want to worry about recycle times, I went with the studio monoblock lights instead.  A few of the images from the session follow…

Key light is a 5′ octabox high and to camera left.  White fabric background is backlit with a second monoblock: barebulb-style (i.e., no modifiers).

Always shoot in color, and convert to black and white in post processing…

Though the cast needed black and whites, I couldn’t resist applying my “traditional” post processing to a few of the images.  Not what you’d use for acting “headshots,” but I kinda liked them for general portraiture:

The Season’s Prelude is a one-night only event on Saturday, September 26.  Doors open at 6:30 PM.  You’ll be treated to a 3-course gourmet meal while you enjoy an evening of music, drama and dance as Masquer Ministries presents scenes from their upcoming 09/10 seasons. As always their venue will be the lovely Candlewood Theater. Tickets for this limited seating, advanced purchase only event are on sale now for $25 each. To purchase, contact Clayton Prescott at 714-732-8208.

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