More Portraits with the Octabox…

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I gave my photography students an assignment last night to come back next week with 3 images taken at the extreme wide angle end of their focal length…whatever type of camera / lens they have. (The class is a mix of P&S and DSLR users).

I explained to them that where we often fall down with wide angle photography is in not having a defined “subject” in our image that draws the viewer’s attention. We get so caught up in the wide angle of view that we forget that a photograph needs a subject to keep us interested: something in the foreground, typically, that draws us into the image.

Not one to be left out of the fun, I went home after class and came up with these two:

In homage to his father’s affection for all things Star Trek, Conner flashed me the traditional Vulcan gang sign:

A couple others with the same lighting setup, but without the emphasis on wide angle.  All shot with D2x, 24-70 f/2.8.  Used a 3 light setup (all with SB-800 speedlights controlled via Nikon SU-800 commander): Keylight is the 5′ Octabox – above and camera left, on-axis fill with Orbis Ringlight adapter; background transilluminated with a third SB-800.

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