Scenes from the Windy City

Was in Chicago recently.  Having just been to Philadelphia and not taken my own cameras, I vowed that I would not travel to such a  “target rich environment” (photographically-speaking) without my own DSLR and at least the 24-70mm f/2.8.  As it turned out, I also dragged along the Nikkor 12-24 along, and it served really well.

After my meetings, I had plenty of time in the evenings to explore the city, and came home with a few interesting images.

No matter where I turned, the new Trump Tower building (the taller of the two below) seemed to dominate the Chicago skyline.

Took a walk to Millenium Park one evening.  Fascinated by the Cloud Gate sculpture (known as “the bean” by locals, apparently):

Spent a fair amount of time watching folks cool off in the Crown Fountain:

All around me were contrasts: old / new, organic / manmade.  I loved the contrast of the echinacea with the hard city skyline in the background:

Ma and Pa Kettle (actually – American Gothic) looking out toward the historic Wrigley Building (headquarters of the chewing gum company):

From across the way, between the two structures of the Wrigley Building:

And of course, what Chicago travelogue would be complete without a shot of the “L”?

I have a few more images from the trip on my gallery at:

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  • Hello Jon ,
    Great beautiful photos of the Chicago skyline! Some day I aspire to take photos just like yours. Is that the magic of Lightroom complimenting these photos?

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