I’ve Been Published!

About a year ago, one of my students, Karen Dorame, approached me about using some of my photos in a book she was working on for Amherst Media (a publishing house that focuses mainly on photography-related titles).

Well, last night, I saw the finished book: available now at Amazon.com and bookstores everywhere:

These are the images Karen selected for the book:


Suffice to say, I’m excited. ¬†Really cool to see your work in print!

Thanks for dropping by!

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  • I knew it was just a matter of time. You are one of the most gifted people I have known so far in my life time. The Lord has blessed you with a “creative gift” mightily!!



  • Jon,

    How wonderful!!! I am so excited for you. You do such awesome photography you should be recognized by many photographers throughout the U.S. You put so much “feeling” into your pictures…they show such creativity. Love seeing your posts. Congratulations and keep up the great work. Mary

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